Audiovox Model 200
Epiphone Electar Model M
Epiphone Electar Model M
Gibson EH-150
Kalamazoo KEH
National Dobro 2A3
National Dobro 2A3
National Dobro 6V6
Oahu SE6L6
Rickenbacher Electro
Supro Amp-in-Case
Vega Model 131
Volutone SE 6L6
Volutone Model 5
Mystery Amp #1
Mystery Amp #2
"The Speaker" (V.2)

This site features photographs and schematics of guitar amplifiers built before the Second World War.  This information is presented for the guitar enthusiasts, tone freaks, solder junkies, and tube amp nutjobs who, like me, are curious about the earliest days of musical instrument amplification.  

All of these schematics were drawn directly from amplifiers.  Many are not available on the web.  Some of the amps were in original condition.  Some showed evidence of routine maintenance such as cap jobs and power cord replacements.  Some had been extensively rewired. 

The dating of these amplifiers is based on component date codes when present.  Otherwise, information was culled from the web.  I welcome any additional information, corrections, insights, and will try to update the site as new information comes available.  My e-mail: