Rickenbacher Electro V.2
























This is a remarkably well-preserved example of the 2nd version of the "Speaker."  This amplifier was introduced along with the Bakelite "Model B" lap steels in 1935.  The speaker cut-outs of the v.2 are more rounded than those found in the original Speaker.  The cabinet appears to be shallower in the v.2.  There is no power swtch and no volume control.  The fuse is a large ceramic household screw-type. 

The v.2 has two 1/4" instrument jacks and a shielded powered 7 pin connector possibly for connecting a vibrola guitar.  The amplifer uses a 53 dual triode as both input tube and phase splitter.   The 53 was a 7 pin forerunner to the 6N7, with a 2.5V heater.   Push-pull 47 directly heated pentodes drive a 10" electrodynamic speaker.     

One never knows what to expect when opening old amps.  In addition to dead bugs and spider webs, I have found pistachio nuts, roofing tile, popcorn, ancient guitar picks, and business cards.   First out of the v.2 were some grains of rice, followed by desicated mouse poop.  Confirmation that this was a warm home for at least one small rodent was found in the B+ wiring, which was gnawed down to the copper in places (presumably not while the amp was in use).  The critter also sampled the corner of a box capacitor (below).